Q&A Productions founder, Quinn Monahan was born in Hollywood to a struggling actor and his wife, along with a brother and sister. Here's a shot of his dad, Mike Monahan doing a stint on "Father Knows Best".  His mom worked at the Wallich's Music City, at Sunset and Vine, seen here on the left.  Growing up in a "showbiz" family, he gravitated to the technical side of the business, designing and building sets, while experimenting with super 8 movie cameras, long before the advent of affordable digital video technology.

After several years as a successful art director and set decorator, on shows like "The Wonder Years", Quinn returned to his first love, filmmaking.  While working for famed director, Lee Lacy, of the "Mean Joe Greene" Coca-Cola commercial, he began honing his craft as an editor on "state-of-the-art" 3/4" videotape systems and the ubiquitous "Video Toaster".  With the 1990s came the computer revolution and the emergence of non-linear editing systems, which he enthusiastically embraced. 

Today, along with colleagues Gregory Gast and Gail Jorden, Quinn creates highly entertaining and effective media content for some of the most recognizable entities in the country like The Oscars, The Miss America Pageant, The SAG Awards, Kaiser Permanente and Amgen.